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Logistic manager/Supply chain manager

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2013 - present. Logistic coordinator

  • Initial support to the project team during openning of the Divisov plattform setting up the daily processes using mainly previous experience from past job in Newell
  • Responsible for monitoring and controlling the distribution of the products from the family "Living Room", passing through the platform based in the Czech Republic.
  • Controlling the daily logistics operations between Polish suppliers, the platform, and the stores in Switzerland.
  • Warranting the performance of the logistic and transport, in terms of time, cost and quality of service and ensure the coordination with the Supply Chain teams of Conforama Switzerland.
  • Monitoring of physical flows and information in coordination with our sourcing office (Warsaw) and the supply team based in Switzerland
  • Transportation planning between providers, platform and stores
  • Weekly planning of the activities of the platform
  • Monitoring of logistics and transport services, in accordance with the objectives of timeliness, quality of service and cost
  • External consultant on logistic projects - logistic courses trainer

2011 - 2013 Self employer, maternity leave

  • External consultant on logistic projects - logistic courses trainer company EDUA Group
  • Independent Helen Doron english language teacher for children Prague 6 and Ceský Brod, private English and German language lessons (Germany and CZ)
  • Property appraisals (only Czech Rep.)- residential properties

2010 - 2011 Distribution and transportation manager

  • Managing the distribution and transportation ativities in DC Hiddenhausen (Teutonia children strollers prodution) in Germany managing
  • Managing and development  of 22 warehouse and office employees plus external stuff, lead communication to the floor employees
  • Quality and productivity tasks-to organize workload and manning to ensure productive level of activity and all tasks are completed in line with requirements, implement tools for monitoring KPI ( DC accuracy, line fill, etc.), facilitate the operations ability to complete required load with all relevant equipment and manning incl.staffing level control in all periods
  • Health and safety – implement and maintain safety procedures, ensure housekeeping standards are maintained, risk analysis, maintain ongoing records of incidents, concerns or faulty equipment
  • Time and attendance – implement and monitor absence policy, holiday records and booking procedure

2006 - 2007 Logistic coordinator

  • On site daily contact and decision maker, responsible for operation of UK/ Ireland deliveries in Jirny
  • Coordination between all stakeholders – UK/Ire customer service, DHL, carriers and haedquarters in Billund
  • Helping setting up UK/Ire procedures and processes in Jirny, looking after on site implementation
  • VAS coordinator – coordinating planning and production of assortment packs and new products between DHL and Billund haedquarters
  • Managing 1 shipping assistent

2004 - 2006 Sales planning supervisor

  • Development of sales plans together with sales (channel managers, key account managers, sales force), marketing (trade marketing managers) and financial department
  • Follow up on sales results of individual outlets and agreeing on corrective actions to be taken
  • Follow up on sales force performance
  • Planning and coordination of promoactivities Ensuring optimal stock level, solving supply issues, confirmation of production plans
  • Preparation of KPI reports for top management
  • Managing of 2 colleagues - sales planning analyst and sales promotion assistent
  • Reason for leaving: merger with Procter and Gamble, department closed, position cancelled


CZU, Fakulta provozne ekonomicka, Inzenyrske studium

Courses: Project management, Logistic management, CIMA B


Englis - excellent knowledgeh

German - excellent knowledge

French - basic knowledge



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